Paul FernandezPaul Oma has been a student of the science of Astrology for 27 years and consulting professionally for 24 years, formerly the ‘On Site’ Astrologer and weekly columnist for Shirley MacLaine. In addition to his professional writing endeavors, Paul also teaches Astrology in his home office in Tampa Bay FL. He uses the ancient and accurate tool of Astrology as an instrument for assisting his clients with self empowerment. As he always says, "The Stars Guide They Don't Decide." Read more about Paul

Paul offers a variety of charts and readings, calculated with your birth information, intuitively interpreted, and offering a unique and truly insightful look into the journey of your soul.


Natal Charts

Understand your past and discover your future. The natal chart is the first step in understanding your true self.

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Solar Returns

What will your year ahead hold? The Solar Return maps out your year using the placement of the Sun at the exact moment of your birth.

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Who is your perfect match? Are you searching for a soul-mate? The art of Synastry blends the charts of two people to help you understand the energy of the relationship.

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